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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Martin Banned!!! ‘Pornogate’ Councillor Disqualified From Public Office

Residents of Oakham breathed a sigh of relief when a High Court Judge disqualifed Oakham Town Councillor Martin Brookes from holding public office either in Oakham or anywhere else after disgusting the town in an incident known locally as ‘Pornogate’.

The story as it appeared in the Rutland Mercury
Standards for England, the body responsible for maintaining standards in public office, took Cllr Brookes before a Tribunal after a string of complaints against him by fellow councillors, staff and members of the public.  The Tribunal found that Cllr Brookes had been guilty of a large number of breaches of the Code of Conduct, calling one councilllor an ‘arsehole’, another an ‘old bag’ and ‘vilifying’ the Clerks on numerous occasions.  He also subjected a female member of the public he had never met to a tirade of homophobic abuse.

However, the worst incident by far was when Brookes, who is a keen amateur photographer, broke open the Council’s main noticeboard in the High Street and filled it with anal fetish material which promptly led to Brookes’s arrest and cautioning and subsequent downfall at the Standards Tribunal.

Mobile phone video of the incident sent to Laughing Stocks by a member of the public confirms reports widely circulating in the town that the images showed a naked man with a carrot engaging in what can only be described as cruelty to vegetables!

Mystery surrounds the identity of the model in the photographs, but the images taken by a member of the public clearly show one of the pictures was captioned “This is my ex-husband, I shouldn’t really show it round – he’s got the one of me”.

Stills from a video of the noticeboard.  The full horror of the scene has had to be deliberately blurred out by us!

In his final adjudication Presiding Judge David Laverick said of Cllr Brookes: “There is no indication that the Respondent has shown any sign of understanding the standards set by the Code of Conduct despite his agreeing to follow the provisions of that Code. The Tribunal can see no alternative to disqualifying him from being a member of the Town Council, and any other local authority. The Tribunal has decided that the period of disqualification should be two years. That period will allow the particular Town Council to move to a more normal way of operating and will also allow the Respondent time to reflect on the standards which are expected of those in Public Life."
As well as the Pornogate incident, Brookes has also gained notoriety for a series of other bizarre doings.  His crazy antics have included:

-         Sending a press release to all UK national media organisations saying his ex was ‘crap’
-         Proclaiming himself ‘God’s gift to men’
-         Saying that he would never shoplift in Oakham because the up-market shops have nothing he wants
-         Claiming that if women get cancer it is their own fault

It has been reported that ex- Cllr Brookes is trying to appeal against Judge Laverick's opinion that he is "unfit for public office".  We don't fancy his chances much!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Oakham Councillor Puts Porno in Town Noticeboard

The arresting officer perusing Cllr Brookes' porno display

Lunchtime shoppers in Oakham High Street got more than an eyeful when Oakham Town Councillor Martin Brookes forced open the town noticeboard and displayed a shocking portfolio of hard core porno!

He then proceeded to encourage passers by, regardless of age, to admire the pictures!  Needless to say Cllr Brookes was arrested at the scene and taken away by the police.

Inspector Monks of Oakham Police station told the Rutland Mercury  “It’s not nice if people use a public notice board to display offensive pictures and I won’t tolerate it.”

The bizarre selection of pornographic images portrayed a practical demonstration of a little known fringe fetish known as vegetable sodomy which is usually confined to groups who don’t have access to proper sex toys such as prison inmates and long-term unemployed.

After his release by the police, Cllr Brookes, who hasn’t worked in years, said “The Assistant Town Clerk said it did not portray a good image for Oakham.  My answer is that it is a minority of the people residing in Oakham who feel they can treat me in this disgusting manner”.  Later on Cllr Brookes stated on his blog: ”I am told if I went to a special school I should be excluded from being a Councillor. I don't think this is correct. If I am charged and convicted for display offensive images it may come out I was charged as a young man for petty theft.”

He later accepted a police caution for the offences of criminal damage and displaying offensive images, though he refused to say who it was who was in the pictures with the carrot.  All that is known about the person in the pictures is that he was male and blonde.

Brooksy, who is male and blonde, also outraged Oakham residents by his refusal to pay the repair bill for the criminal damage he caused because he is unemployed, even though he is a regular in Oakham’s pubs.

In November 2011 Cllr Brookes was found to be wholly unfit to be a councillor and was disqualified from holding any public office.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Martin Brookes denies Prostitution with Oakham School Teacher

"Martin Brookes.

** W***** C*******,
LE15 *** (UK)

Attached is a screen shot, this contains a recent Tweet sent by (***** ******). **************

The tweet contains false information relating to the conduct of an Oakham School teacher and myself. Due to very public nature of twitter I feel I must provide the following statement:

At no time has Mr ****** paid me for any sexual services or that described in the tweet, I have only ever spoke to Mr ****** in public mainly in the Church Street area of Oakham. Mr ****** knows me because we both have a mutual friend.

This is not the first time Mr ****** has been named in Tweets as part of this nasty campaign against me.


Martin Brookes"

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Scrounging Councillor Martin Brookes

Loony councillor Martin Brookes is a persistant nuisance beggar in Oakham. You can see him most days walking up and down Oakham High Street telling anybody who will listen how poor he is. He is well known in all the shops and offices, trying to cadge freebies on the grounds that he is a town councillor.

If he stops you and asks you for 10p for a cup of tea, you best give it him or else he will do this to you:

Brookes is definitely very kinky: It's a known fact that he will go for anything in a cassock, unless, of course, it's a lady vicar! Brookes campaigned long and hard (no pun intended) to stop the Church of England getting women priests because he didn't think they could give him his usual service.

Although Martin is constantly harping on about the hardships of being long-term unemployed, don't believe him. He has no intention of getting a job while there are people gullible enough to give him anything he asks for. Furthermore, it is widely rumoured that Martin earns money on the side doing favours for elderly gentlemen he befriends, even if they're not a clergyman! And there's no telling what he isn't prepared to do in return for a whole pot of free tea and a cake at somewhere like Stapleford Hall.

As well as free afternoon tea, Brookes just loves being taken out on his birthday at other people's expence. Brookes was so pleased with the free £19 champagne on his recent birthday, he just had to tell the whole world about it.

And don't ever tell Brookes that you are going on holiday because he will ask you if he can go with you.