Monday, 17 September 2012

Roving Report No 2

The OLS team received the following contribution:

Hello ‘Stocks,’ as promised from your last post we’ll keep them coming.  Round 2 of contributions from ‘The Rutland Roving Reporter’ who has come across even more misunderstandings by a local blogger:  
From ‘A Load of Bollards’ to a ‘Load of Bullocks.’  It seems our erstwhile Rutland self styled saviour has done it again.  Well, perhaps it was to be expected after all he has been somewhat quiet of late.  Probably because of the threat of further prosecution, which previously the CPS decided not to pursue on that occasion on the grounds that the evidence needed to be more accurate in its presentation.   Not guilty he maintained – well I’ll leave that your own judgement.
His recent attack on someone, and something, that he knows absolutely nothing about (driving and keeping quiet) has left the egg squarely, or rather ‘mushily,’ on his face yet again.  He has a well known propensity for miss-quoting the law by maintaining that it is wrong, on this occasion, to accept the punishment. It was of course within the law to do so.  If anyone should know what it is like to ‘not accept punishment or responsibility’ then surely it is he. Has he ever accepted either punishment or responsibility?
Yes, he criticised someone for actually admitting they’d done wrong and who took their punishment in a very brave way.  The person in question went to classes about road safety, (shock, horror they were caught speeding along with millions of others) and went back to basics to learn how to put it right.  Not having ever attended these classes I can only surmise that they are quite humiliating and as a punishment it is far better than trawling first time offenders through the courts and all the expense that that entails. 
I admit to being no expert but hey, a brave person if you ask me.  And to put it in the public domain like they did serves as a reminder to us all that it is so easy to transgress. But of course our ‘erstwhile’ local blogger has never transgressed. Or has he? Perhaps a little research into his past might prove fruitful. 
Another example of this blogger meddling into areas of no concern to him was the attempt to cover his tracks when he made an accusation regarding the attendance of a local photographer doing his job at a charity function recently.  A reliable source tells me that he attended the function having claimed no expenses or gratuities at all.  I believe that is charity isn’t it? Well done that man, you should hold your head up high and we’ll endeavour to get a medal struck you.
The blogger always makes a feeble attempt to ‘covers his tracks’ by saying it was somebody else’s fault that he got the ‘duff’ information he posts for all to see.  Not to mention the fact that he usually says it came from a ‘member of the public.’  How many people actually speak to him?  There can’t be that many otherwise he would have some support locally, which doesn’t seem to be the case.  Who would want to engage in conversation with him anyway!  (Bad breath I believe, even at a distance)
So, to finalise this latest short report on our local ..... let’s examine the truth shall we?
A person who, like millions of others, makes a mistake in life and pays for it by volunteering for some instruction into how they went wrong.  Admirable of them to do so, I think.  The person involved honestly exposes themselves to ridicule and condemnation from  somebody who doesn’t even drive or hold a license and won’t get a job to contribute to society and perhaps better themselves.  The blogger has no shame or remorse for his wrong doings because he is himself lacking in many areas.
He made up a story about a charity event that he thinks is something of shindig for spongers.  What he neglects to see is that they have the right to do this in our democratic society.  He tries to imply that St Georges Barracks is behind it and then has the audacity to say it wasn’t his fault he got it all wrong but some mythical being in the ether that is sending these messages to him by telepathy or better still by some message system that gets him to emergency incidents, fire, police or ambulance as they happen, no matter where in the county.  He must be telegraphic, or have somebody on the inside.  Mmmmmm.
That’s it for ‘Stocks’ I’ll be back soon when our transgressor transgresses again, which won’t be long I bet.