Monday, 30 May 2011


11 April 2003

Mr Shaun Whittingham
Deputy Head Special Needs
Teaching and Student Support Services
Leicester City Council
New Parks House
Pindar Road
Leicester LE3 9RN

Dear Mr Whittingham,

Just to remind you that legally you have only a few days left to answer my previous letters to you.  In the issue of my summary dismissal, you are the Data Protection Officer and you have a legal responsibility to answer all my queries and cannot duck your responsbility by hiding behind others.

I enclose a copy of all the previous correspondence I have sent to you and trust that you realise that the time limit for replying and remedying the wrong done to me is almost an an end.

Yours sincerely
Helen Patey

[Genuine extract from Helen's autobiography:]
"Most sex offenders are manipulative and Dale was no exception, but as a woman I felt my gender gave me a supreme advantage in this art... I could not show particular favour to any one man, to have done so would have endangered the project and undermined my position, but I was terribly grateful to Dale for not submitting to the temptations which were presented to him.  It was a difficult tightrope to walk at times.  I did have some special feelings for Dale, gratitude that he had not submitted to the temptations he was being manipulated into taking, real respect for his strength of character in resisting those temptations and the usual 'teacher's pet' prejudice in favour of a literate student... I feel certain that my subsequent 'meeting' with Dale was also photographed... When I knew security cameras were nearby I took his arm, just to ensure that I could not be accused of 'hiding away'".

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Martin Brookes denies Prostitution with Oakham School Teacher

"Martin Brookes.

** W***** C*******,
LE15 *** (UK)

Attached is a screen shot, this contains a recent Tweet sent by (***** ******). **************

The tweet contains false information relating to the conduct of an Oakham School teacher and myself. Due to very public nature of twitter I feel I must provide the following statement:

At no time has Mr ****** paid me for any sexual services or that described in the tweet, I have only ever spoke to Mr ****** in public mainly in the Church Street area of Oakham. Mr ****** knows me because we both have a mutual friend.

This is not the first time Mr ****** has been named in Tweets as part of this nasty campaign against me.


Martin Brookes"